Merging cultures into fulfilling experiences 

One can immerse in the great beauty of stony terracotta streets of Italian borghi, other can dive into the sensorial of the smoked trout complemented by a Montepulciano, in a neo-gastronomical restaurant in Bucharest. 

One can share memories from the communist ermetic childhood, other overlaps the sweet nostalgia of the <paninari> culture of the 80’s. One comes with fine arts education and a strong background in advertising, other with a solid West European experience in business trading and technology. 

We are Mercanti. Business curators of Italian lifestyle in the most Eastern Latin country of Europe – Romania, who welcomes the biggest UE Italian community and resonates organically with the Italian brands and values. 

We join our multi-faced professional competencies and our zest for meaningful living – into creative projects that brings together people, brands, businesses, milestones. It is our believe that diversity adds value in every aspect of life. And it is our promise to boost growth in businesses and satisfaction in brand experiences. 

Cristina Diaconescu / Founding Part​ner

Over one decade of entrepreneurship in communication (co-founder of Foodwise Marketing, founder of Shortcut | Idea to Brand), backed up by a strong artistic education.

Visual storyteller. Brand strategist. Driven by aestetics and ethics in business.