Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy


4 Days | October 23 - 26


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BR1 Cultural Space


Join us in an exceptional alignment of the stars

We will be senso​rially challenged over the days by the local chefs, winemakers and sommeliers in a one of a kind itinerary that underlines the history and the excellence of the region. 
The apogee of our parcourse is lunching with the stars. The Michelin stars! 
The most captivating Chef in Romania - Radu CM Ionescu (Kaiamo Restaurant) will team up with a culinary force - the Michelin starred Chef Davide Pezzuto, for a state-of-the-art collab lunch at D.One Ristorante Diffuso. 
Michelin-starred Chef Nicola Fossaceca will trigger us to experience the elite of the local neo-gastronomy – a creative and genuine immersion in the flavours of Abruzzo.
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Fully itinerary ​and tour details:

Sunday October 23th | Welcome to Abruzzo

12:55 – Departure, Airport of Bucharest Otopeni 
– Arrival, Airport of Pescara  
15:30 – Aperitivo, Pescara riviera
18:00 – Check-in at BR1 Boutique Hotel
19:30 – Dinner at BR1 Cultural Space with Chef Roberto di Marco, Montesilvano Colle 

We arrive in Pescara with a direct flight from Bucharest. 
After enjoying a glam Aperitivo moment on the Pescara riviera, we take a road trip up on the hills, to reach the BR1 Cultural Space, where we will be accommodated for the entire stay in Abruzzo. 
We will be welcomed by our amphitryon – Chef Roberto di Marco, who will enchant us with his culinary creations in a jazzy dinner atmosphere with a panoramic view: the silhouette of​ La Bella Adormentata (the Majella massif overlooking Adriatica, in the shape of a sleeping woman, at sunset). 

Monday October 24th | The History

09:00 – Breakfast at BR1 Cultural Space, Montesilvano Colle
11:00 – Museum of Italian Cooks– guided tour, Villa Santa Maria
13.00 – Lunch, wine testing and cellar visit, Orsogna Winery, Chieti
19:30 – Dinner, La Cantinetta del Colle, Montesilvano Colle

There’s nothing to be compared with the sunny peacefulness of a morning walk in the borgo of Montesilvano Colle. Except, of course, Roberto’s glamorous breakfast at BR1 Cultural Space. We energize ourselves and board for a full day of culinary heritage exploration in Abruzzo. Destination:  Villa Santa Maria, the “Locus” of the Italian cooks, the ancient professionally cooking institute of the XVI century. We linger a bit more in the Majella National Park (a Unesco Global Geopark – did you know it?) to lunch in pairing with the exquisite wines of Cantina Orsogna. This winery is making history in the biological viticulture. As the sun sets, we go back to our breathtaking view of La Bella Adormentata, this time being greeted by the fascinating Chef Franco Briga, with an excuisite “flavours of the land” dinner at Cantinetta del Colle. Digestivo, anyone?    

Tuesday October 25th | The Excellence

09:00 – Breakfast at BR1 Cultural Space, Montesilvano Colle
13:00 – 4 hand live cooking show – Chef Radu Ionescu (Kaiamo Bucharest) x Chef Davide Pezzuto (D.One Ristorante, Montepagano)
18:00 – Aperitivo cenato at Orlandi Contucci Ponno Winery, Roseto degli Abruzzi

Second morning at BR1. The bell of the nearby cathedral will gently wake us up (enjoy every beat because you will miss this musicality once it will be replaced with the phone alarm back home). Plus we’ll get addicted to Roberto’s breakfasts.  This is how another exceptional day is starting. It’s the day of excellence. We will observe Gault & Millau-awarded Chef Radu CM Ionescu and Michelin starred Chef Davide Pezzuto, in a virtous demostration of creativity at D.One Ristorante Diffuso in Montepagano (north Abruzzo).  Back to Montesilvano where we are accommodated, we have to give to Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine variety what belongs to Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine variety. We stop at Orlandi Contucci Ponno Winery for an aperitivo cenato, while visiting the cellars and talking to the sommelier about some of the most awarded wines of Italy.

Wednesday October 26th | The Epilogue

10:00 – Breakfast at BR 1 Cultural Space, Montesilvano Colle
13:00 – Lunch at Al Metro, San Salvo Marina, curated by Chef Nicola Fossaceca
19:45 – Departure to Bucharest, Airport of Pescara 
22:25 – Arrival in Bucharest

We enjoy the morning panorama of the Adriatica sheltered by the Majella massif, while having our breakfast and chatting with Roberto. Time to say goodbye to our host. 
We board for a journey down the hills, to the Adriatic shore, to experience a state of the art culinary event, curated by one of the greatest Chefs of Abruzzo – Nicola Fossaceca. We have places in the front line at al Metro Ristorante, so prepare your phones for the selfies with the cooking crew. 
Our intense exploration doesn't come to the end, as we trully hope we are inspiring you for future fullfilling escapades to experience food, wine, places and people.

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LÓCUS is the Latin word for <place>, <location>. The response to <where>. 
And in a more reflective approach – it describes the epicentre of our interests, feelings, beliefs.

At our heart, at the lócus of all of our pursuits - is travelling and exploring local cuisines as an act of knowledge. We love to get acquainted with the locals and especially with the creators of the local culinary heritage - whether farmers, winemakers or chefs. With no exception, we always discover that food is local identity and regardless of the ingredients used - its creators unite around the same values: simplicity, authenticity and respect for the terroir.

LÓCUS | Exquisite Culinary Explorations are itinerant trips for small groups that share the same lócus of emotions and the same zest to connect with the amazing people who give uniqueness to each place.

Welcome in the club of foodies searching for cultural experiences!  

We open the LÓCUS  series with Italy's best kept secret - the Abruzzo region. 
Overlooking the Adriatica, guarded by the Appennini, Abruzzo is a land rich in beauty, history, and gastronomic tradition. Abruzzo wines will delight you with their body, Abruzzo food will surprise you with its huge variety of flavours that both sea and land are offering.  

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